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About Canadian Closet

Every morning you need drive, energy and stamina to pull you through all you need to accomplish. One of the first places you depend on in your day is your closet. The best closets are those which help you function efficiently and effortlessly throughout your entire day. You cannot allow yourself to be set back in your goals if your closet can't help you to hold your life together. So we build the best closets - period. Come see for yourself. 

Whether you're needing complete storage and organization for that new home you're building,  re-designing your pantry in the kitchen, or renovating one closet, come visit our store and sit down with one of our experienced Closet Consultants.  We can offer ideas, drawings, and many alternatives to meet any budget you're working with. 

While we are unsurpassed in organizing a closet, few people know we do more than just closets. Much of life's demands and stresses comes with using more things to be more efficient. But you don't have to believe that more stuff will bring you more stress. At Canadian Closet we combat the 'more-stuff-equals-more-stress' cycle. We alleviate the chaos by providing organization and efficent living ideas for every space between the front door to the garage door; the basement to the ceiling. This might mean organizing your closet, or discovering that new time saving gadget, and even finding that perfect gift for someone special. 

The feedback we receive is astounding. Every day customers coming to visit our store and unanimously tell us two things; They can spend hours in the store browsing our great selection of perfect and never-before-found ideas, and they never would have believed our store had so much to offer.


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