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Organized Living freedomRail Installation: Tool Belt Optional

When it takes just three steps to set up a complete home storage system, you know it has to be a cinch. Our freedomRail is designed with ease in mind; creating a storage solution that you can install in very little time so that you can get back to enjoying life. In fact, very few tools are required to install Organized Living freedomRail, so you can leave the tool belt behind. 
The Three Easy Steps: 

  1. Install the rail. Once the rail is installed, all the other components snap into place.
  2. Add the uprights and brackets. Uprights hang directly on the rail and can be adjusted as your needs change. Place the brackets on the uprights anywhere you're placing shelves.
  3. Add shelves and O-Boxes. Select shelves and O-Boxes tailored to your needs for an individualized storage solution. You have the freedom to place your shelves and O-Boxes anywhere along the uprights. 

Download the install instructions: Here

Or Watch these short installation videos now to learn more about the freedomRail installation process.

How to Measure Your Space

Installing the Rail Into Drywall

Mounting the Rail at Ceiling Height

Mounting the Rail Into Studs

Installing Uprights

Installing Brackets

Installing Ventilated Shelves

Installing Wood Shelves

Installing O-Boxes

Installing the Clothes Rod

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